1 Jun 2011

Too Cute: Baby Canada Goose

Canada Geese and Gosling

Sometimes I have the most wonderful experiences on bird watch.  I visited a pond that I haven't gone to regularly this year, even though it is really close to my work.   Mostly because there wasn't much to see.  This time however, I was greeted with the joyous surprise of a soft and fluffy baby goose.

I have never seen geese nesting at this particular pond, and since I was there just last week and never saw any geese at all, they must have been hidden really well.  Canada Geese usually visit this pond for several weeks in the spring, before they disappear again until fall migration starts.  There are simply too many people around this pond most of the time, many of them walking their dogs.

Baby eating Flower
Too Cute

So naturally it was totally unexpected to see this little one toddle around behind it's parents, who despite my presence, were very relaxed.  No doubt this was because I stopped walking towards the pond as soon as I saw the gosling and when I did move, I moved in a slow and relaxed manner, and never towards the little one.  To my delight, I was rewarded with the parents moving towards me, followed closely by the gosling, which allowed me to get these photos.

Canada Goose and Gosling
Since Canada Geese lay anywhere between 3 to 8 eggs, I find it really strange that these Canada Geese have only one hatchling.  However, as I have a soft spot for baby geese in particular, this one little gosling captured my heart and made my day. 


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