4 Jul 2011

Beautiful Swans in flight

Like many people I love Swans.  When I was growing up in Germany, many years ago, my father used to take me to visit the canals in the city where my grandmother lived. There were always Swans there, both white and black, floating magestically among the many colorful ducks.   I haven't seen a Swan close up since then, but I did manage to get some photos of Swans in flight during spring migration.

Migrating Swans
A closer view

There are only two species of Swan that inhabit North America.  The Tundra Swan and the Trumpeter Swan.  However, because these Swans are flying so high up, I won't even venture a guess as to which species I captured on camera here.

Graceful Swan
Hopefully someday soon I will see the Swan close up again.  When I do I'll be sure to take lots of photos to share.


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