27 Oct 2011

The Amazing Cooper's Hawk

I was lucky enough to get many photos of a pair of juvenile Cooper's hawks in the fall.  Their flight capabilities are quite simply amazing, both within the forest and without.  These photos I took of one of them in the span of just one minute with a fast shutter speed, show just how amazing.

Juvenile Cooper's Hawk taking off
Full stop mid-air
There were many Crows and Ravens in the distance, kicking up a ruckus as they harassed another bird.  The Cooper's Hawk, who had been perched, took off as if to follow, then suddenly spun away abruptly  screaming in agitation.

Turning on a Dime
Powering away
I did not see what bird the Crows and Ravens were harassing, but whatever it was the Cooper's hawk obviously decided it wanted no part off it.


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