14 Oct 2011

Downy Woodpecker-The tree surgeon

Today I had the chance to watch a Downy woodpecker at work.  He apparently found a small infestation of bugs in the bark of a live tree.   Over the space of few short minutes he had carved out a small hole,while at the same time ignoring my presence altogether.  Ten minutes later that hole had grown to the size of a loony or twoony.  He worked hard at it, pausing only a second or two at a time.  Once in a while he would reach into the hole.  I'm guessing to eat whatever bug he found.  Like all surgeons he's going to leave a scar, but the tree will survive.  Below are the photos.

Surgeon found the problem
Taking a closer look
Digging in
Beginning effort
Up the effort
Digging deeper
More effort needed
Work faster
Almost done


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