10 Mar 2012

An appreciation of resident birds

While spring migration has begun south of the border, here in Edmonton there isn't much more to see at the moment besides the usual winter resident birds.

Bohemian Waxwing playing peek a boo
That isn't to say these full time residents aren't worth paying attention too. In fact quite the opposite is true.

Chickadee Chin ups
The clownish antics of the Bohemian waxwings, the frantic pace of the chickadee, and the fascinating abilities of both nuthatch species are not to be missed.

White breasted Nuthatch marching down the tree

And let's not forget the many species of woodpecker to be found. Today I saw two different species.

Little Downy - Marching to his own drummer

There are many species of birds that remain here for the winter, however, sometimes winter also means a total, or near total absence of birds depending on the weather and where you live.  Which is why I appreciate them even more when I do get a chance to see and observe them.


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