6 Jun 2012

Look what the wind delivered

It has been very windy of late.  The morning following the first truly windy day, I spotted this male Hooded Merganser at the pond near my work.

Hooded Merganser and Mallard ducks

The Merganser was extremely wary.  He is obviously not used to people.  I had to stand very still for short periods of time, before slowly inching closer, in order to get these photos.  At one point I even made myself smaller, by kneeling and bending very close to  the ground.

On the next windy day, which followed only twenty four hours after sighting the beautiful Hooded Merganser, I got off the bus in the afternoon, to be greeted by this gorgeous Monarch butterfly, practically at my front door.
Monarch Butterfly
Trying to stay perched in the wind

I have never seen a Monarch butterfly here in Edmonton, or any other place that I have lived in Canada.  It is difficult to describe the delight and elation of seeing and capturing it's image and I shall treasure these photos.  Although I sincerely hope I will see the Monarch butterfly again.

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