13 Dec 2012

Photo of the day-stowaway

This photo was taken on a Caribbean Cruise, on our cruise ship specifically, four years ago now.  I have a habit of waking early, usually between 4 and 5 am.  On the ship, in order not to wake my mother, I would grab a cup of coffee in the cafeteria and head out on deck to enjoy the solitude, listen to the water beneath the ship and watch the sun rise.  This bird startled me, just as I set my coffee on the floor beside one of the deck beds where I just sat down. 

You see it was sneaking around under the deck beds and making every attempt to hide.  It had clearly seen me before I saw it.  I had to sit very still to get this photo and I watched it for over an hour as it continued to try to hide, while more and more people rose to greet the day.  I do not know how long the bird stayed aboard, as I eventually went to go grab a coffee for my mother, and when I returned it had gone.   However, since it is not a bird that you see here in Alberta, I'm very glad that it stowed away aboard the cruise ship even for just a little while.

King Rail-a stowaway
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