18 Aug 2011

Edmonton River Valley: Trip two

The Edmonton river valley has many trails to explore, both paved and unpaved.  On this trip I explored some of the unpaved trails used mainly by people on bikes.  I am very glad that I did, because the bird song here indicated various species.  As it happens these birds were not shy about showing themselves.  The following photos represent just some of the bird species I came across.

Red-eyed Vireo frontal
Red-eyed Vireo
The Golden Crowned Kinglet, below was difficult to capture due to it's size.  About the size of the length of my thumb. It was also constantly in motion.

Golden Crowned Kinglet
Golden Crowned Kinglet side view
Yellow Warbler
Yellow Warbler male
The crowning jewel of this trip was the Peregrine Falcon I spotted as I explored a trail right next to the river itself.   My attention was captured by a flock of seagulls, who were in panicked flight.  When I moved closer to the edge of the embankment, I spotted the falcon in the river, where he was in the act of drowning his prey, and then later at the top of a tree. 

Peregrine Falcon on a Sandbank in the river
Peregrine Falcon Close-up


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