11 Aug 2011

Jeweled Wings, Masks and Cinnamon

Pair of Cedar Waxwings
At the very beginning of this year our neighborhood was blessed with the presence of gorgeous Bohemian waxwings for several months.  Shortly after they departed for more northerly climes in late April, their cousins, the equally gorgeous Cedar waxwings moved in to take their place.  This neighborhood, you see, has an abundance of the foods that both of these birds favor, and that is fruit and berries.   Fruit and berries, in turn attract many insects, a food source that the Cedar Waxwing seeks out mainly during the breeding season.

Cedar Waxwing jeweled wings

If it weren't for their red jeweled wings, and rakish black mask, this species of bird would be rather plain.  As it is, these two physical features of the Cedar Waxwing enhance their light cinnamon and yellow coloring to produce an absolutely gorgeous bird.   Male and female are colored alike, unlike many bird species.

Cedar Waxwing rakish mask

Cedar Waxwing yellow edged tail
Their cinnamon crest and yellow edged tail only add to their beauty and render them more noticeable.  Once noticed, the Cedar Waxwing is also a delight to watch, because they are very social creatures that have the habit of cooperation down.  For example, if all of the fruit on a branch is clustered at the end of the branch, one Cedar Waxwing will pass the fruit down to its neighbor, who will pass it along until all have had a taste.  You will see them giving each other gifts of feathers and flower petals, or just passing them back and forth as if at play. 


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