23 Nov 2011

Caught with a mouth full

Blue Jay

 Most of the time I am too restless to just stand in one place to take my photos, which is no doubt why I still haven't purchased that tripod.  However, patience has it's own rewards and so I do often stand, crouch or sit in one place for long periods of time with my camera poised at the ready.  This is especially true if I see a bird or other wild creature doing something amusing or extra ordinary.   I never did see what the Blue Jay on the right eventually did with that peanut, but he hung on to it for quite some time, before he just flew off with it still stuffed in his beak.

The Squirrel above has himself wrapped around an apple the size of his head, which he's trying to eat.  I didn't see how he got the apple up onto that stump, never mind where he got it and I don't know how he managed to keep his perch.  He wrestled with this apple for a long time though, before he finally got his first bite, because it kept slipping away and rotating on him.

Red necked Grebe

This Red necked Grebe caught my attention because he kept shaking his head, throwing his head back and splashing the water in an effort to subdue a fish that was just a little too large to simply swallow.  His persistent determination didn't help, after about ten minutes, and a trip all over the pond, he gave it up.


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