14 Nov 2011

Delightfully late migrant

Nelson's not quite in view

Nature never ceases to amaze and surprise me.  We have had an absolutely beautiful and lengthy fall this year which seems to be slowing down migration for some birds.  The Cedar waxwings stayed much longer than usual and the Dark-eyed Juncos are still in residence.   I even saw a Robin just yesterday morning, despite a dusting of snow on the ground.

Somewhat alarmed
Nelson's sparrow

The birds are not the only ones taking advantage of the late arrival of winter.  I have been going out at every opportunity in hopes of spotting one more new bird species, despite the fact that most birds are now gone.  To my absolute delight, I have not been disappointed.

Looking up

Nelson's Sharp-tailed sparrow

The Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow is not a bird I would expect to see here in the city, since they prefer marshes for habitat, which makes this sighting very surprising indeed.


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